From the parents:


Since attending Courageous Hearts my son has shown a lot more confidence in expressing his emotions, he can calmly let us know how he is feeling and how to deal with these emotions. He has achieved new goals in his class work and is a lot more focused at school; his teacher is amazed at how well he is doing now. He is making better choices for himself and knows how to make good life choices.
Lara Woodford Housewife September 2017


Our kids are really enjoying the classes. I’ve noticed they are becoming more self aware and are more confident in sharing their feelings with us. They love to practice gratitude and use their affirmations in the car on the way to school and like to use the golden bubble, which helps them feel safe. It’s great to see these important life skills being taught to our kids from a young age. Thank you so much!
Andrea MacKay Remuneration Advisor September 2017


Since starting the classes both my girls are better at managing their feelings and accepting the emotions coming up. They are more caring and self accepting. Teachers have noticed the difference and have remarked on how caring they both are. All the tools they have learnt are easy to apply and they love placing the golden bubble of protection around themselves.
Reinette Bowen Therapist September 2017


This is the first term my son has attended Courageous Hearts and the effect the classes have on him is amazing. I love the way he looks forward to going, knowing he is spending that time on himself-becoming self aware and acknowledging and expressing his feelings amongst his peers in a fun, creative way. The sense of calm and happiness after the class is beautiful-I can’t describe it! It makes me so happy to see him that way. Thank you Peta!
Jen Business Analyst September 2017


Kahlan has been a lot more open and proactive in discussing her feelings and emotions after participating in Courageous Hearts. She will also willingly attempt self regulation strategies when feeling overwhelmed with a task.
Helen Winkworth – Secondary Teacher


After attending Courageous Hearts classes for 2 terms both myself and Emilie’s teacher have noted a huge increase in her confidence. She is a lot more confident at doing things independently both at home and at school, even participating in a whole school speaking task which she would never have done before. She thoroughly enjoys coming to classes and the fun activities on offer.
Alison Kane – Registered Nurse



From the kids:


I love making new friends; creating new things; learning about different emotions and how I can deal with them. The meditations calm me down when I’m stressed.
Charlotte Year 5


I love learning breathing to calm down; about worthy and unworthy land. I now say ‘I can do this’ instead of ‘I can’t do it’.
Maya Year 6


I’ve learnt to slow down and not to rush. I’ve learnt to be patient. I have a go at things and it doesn’t matter if I don’t get it right the first time.
Lisa Year 1


I’ve learnt about being calm and choosing worthy land more.
Heidi Year 1



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